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Hello Mojo is the empowering destination for anyone on the journey through and beyond a breakup, separation or divorce. 

Home to Hello Mojo App Hello Mojo Magazine, Hello Emotional Freedom Program and The Hello Directory, we are on a mission to positively transform the separation and divorce experience for everyone, everywhere.

We know that every separation and divorce is very different. But whatever outcome you're are hoping for, no matter where you live, Hello Mojo will help you put your best foot forward.
Meet Our Founder

Annie Kendall turned her own painful separation and divorce into a gain for millions of others experiencing the same challenging reality around the world.

She is the Founder of HELLO MOJO App and The Hello Directory, Editor-In-Chief of HELLO MOJO Magazine for Women, and launched the Hello Next Chapter Book Club and Hello Emotional Freedom program. 

A blogger, speaker, author, app creator and mama of two, Annie’s mission is to build an empowering gateway to help people move through and beyond divorce with greater peace of mind, securing their best possible outcome and a new life they love.
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Read Annie's Story

Hello! I’m Annie.

If you’re reading this, I’ll assume it’s not just out of curiosity. Instead, I’m guessing that the end of a relationship may be looming or has become your new reality. If this is the case, I’m sending you a great big hug. I know you’re going through a lot right now, but rest assured you’ve come to the right place. 

Take a big deep breath!

It’s true: I can’t begin to imagine your pain. But I'd like to share a little snippet of mine to paint a picture of how my journey unfolded and why I created Hello Mojo.

Let's go back to July 2013. A hot, humid, seemingly regular day in paradise. Suddenly — boom! Within what seemed like the blink of an eye I went from living the happy, adventure-filled, glamorous life of a Singapore expat to confronting the reality of divorce, no husband, saying goodbye to friends, moving countries, saying hello to lawyers, and moving back in with my parents all the while nursing a newborn and keeping watch over a busy toddler.

Amongst the chaos of emotion and change, I’d left myself wide open to financial ruin, The Hague Convention Treaty (something I wasn't even aware of!) and with mounting legal bills, I now relied on family and government assistance. 

What followed? Four years of emotional, physical and financial stress, ageing at least 10 years (or so it felt), hours of manually documenting every little detail (when I finally figured out how to), and feeling hopelessly vulnerable and afraid for what the future may hold for me and the children.

I was broken.

The only thing I had at the time, was my ‘love’​ for the children — and a determination that no-one should ever be thrown into this negative, fear-driven legal space, no matter what their situation, and required to spend more time documenting every detail to protect their rights, their children and their money instead of focusing on their children’s needs, healing, building a positive co-parenting relationship, learning how to create new mindsets and rebuild a life they'll love.

What I needed was an online solution to help me document, organise and store all the important details that go hand in hand with a separation. One that guided me through the process from day one, saved me time and money, and gave me instant access to my information when it mattered most.

There was no solution -- so, with what money I had left I set out to create one. A highly-secure, user-friendly and seriously efficient app to do just that. 

In 2018, HELLO MOJO was born.

Today, what started out as a simple idea to create a documenting solution for myself has become something so much bigger; something I'm so proud of, and something that has the potential to positively impact the lives of millions!

Hello Mojo is the fusion of everything that I wished I'd had access to throughout my journey.
Hello Mojo App helps you start the admin process, streamlines ongoing documentation of important details, communication and evidence, and gives you instant access to files when you need them most. Staying this organised helps free up headspace so you can focus on the more important aspects of the journey.  

Hello Mojo Magazine is the heart and soul of the separation and divorce process. A magazine for women (men's one coming soon!) with an authentic, supportive, heart-centred voice that wrap our Tribe in a powerful global community igniting transformation, healing and personal growth. Out with the old ways and in with the new, I say. Replace a fear-driven, negative and stressful experience with an empowered mindset and positive lessons. 

The Hello Directory is a place for people from around the world who are on the separation, divorce and life-beyond-divorce journey to connect with amazing and trustworthy divorce-related businesses, brands, professional services, and products. 

The Blog & Bookclub share powerful resources to enlighten and educate you across every aspect of this journey, to cultivate a positive mental attitude and inspire greater personal and social outcomes. 

And COMING SOON... Our Emotion Freedom 21 Day Recover From Divorce Online Program. (Launching April/May 2020). This is going to be incredible!!!

It's my hope that by being part of our tribe, using the app and accessing the other resources we share, your journey will be touched in a positive and powerful way.
And, where will that leave you? That’s right: free to get your ‘mojo‘​ back. 

You're not alone.  We'll be here every step of the way.  For my daily musings, latest news and loads of positive inspiration follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

For now, just breathe. You’re doing fine. And remember, be especially kind to yourself.
Annie x

Meet Our Team

Annie Kendall turned her own painful separation and divorce into a gain for hundreds of thousands of others experiencing the same challenging reality around the world.She is the Founder of Hello Mojo App and The Hello Directory, Editor-In-Chief of Hello Mojo Magazine and The Hello Next Chapter Book Club.
Annie Kendall
Pete Fuller
Lead Developer
Jane Flinders
Head Customer Support

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