Hello! I’m Annie

Founder Of Hello Mojo, App Creator, Author, Next-Chapter-Of-Life Mentor, Mojo Alchemist, Mama and BFF who always brings delicious snacks.

I’m an Aussie gal who ventured abroad, landed a job in Asia, worked hard, played hard, met a guy, waltzed down the aisle and was blessed with two healthy babies. Life was EVERYTHING that I hoped it would be!

Then one sunny Singapore day, my newborn daughter in arms… KA-BOOM!! I learned my marriage was over.

My world broke into a million pieces as I experienced the full force of despair. It was petrifying. I was completely lost. And, I was in a foreign country.

With nothing left but the love I had for my babies, I pulled on my big girl pants, dusted myself off and rose from the ashes a stronger woman with some pretty big dreams

Want more? Here's my fancy third-person bio!

Annie Kendall is the moving-on mindset mentor for anyone who's going through (or been through) a separation or divorce and who wants to grow through their pain, reclaim their emotional freedom and get their mojo back.

She helps people feel less vulnerable and more informed and empowered to confidently take those first few steps in separation, and then to evolve with grace into a new life they truly love.

Her book 5 Separation & Divorce Hacks, Hello Mojo Magazine, The Hello Directory and Hello Mojo App give a fresh and positive roadmap for successfully moving through the many challenges of separation and divorce. 

Annie's divorce record-keeping app Hello Mojo has now helped over 5,000 people in the USA, UK and Australia. 

And now, in partnership with Adèle Théron from Naked Divorce, Hello Mojo presents the world's #1 online divorce recovery program, helping people build a one-way bridge between the end of this chapter and the magic of what's coming next. Because the magic is coming!!

Annie's been where you are (while acknowledging that every divorce is different). She knows the pain of divorce and the juggle of balancing the end of a relationship with the best interest of kids.

Now, having grown and transformed from her divorce (largely due to the Hello Emotional Freedom program!), Annie's been able to heal; rediscover herself; fall in love again; unite families, become a happier mother, and design a life she truly loves. 

She’s a green smoothie lover, Banana Cake bake-off champion and is a crazy-busy sleep-deprived mother of 4. She insists on 20-second-long hugs (much to the disgust of her boys) and lives in the mountains on a cattle property in sunny Australia.